Katharina Thiesen Illustration

I have been a long distance trail runner for over 10 years now. In the beginning I ran for stress relieve and movement – but slowly 20 minutes resulted to become 2 hours, a marathon, half-marathon and many small 5k runs. 

I still run and search for the movement outdoors to get a free mind and find the balance. Because of my high amount of running – I search for durable, breathable and sustainable sports clothing – Patagonia has followed me along the way the past year.

Because of my high enthusiasm for nature, outdoor conditions, weather and environment – I love doing any other sports, which create a new challenge. Boldering, surfing, hiking, swimming – whatever there is.

Everyone who has such a special relationship to environmental conditions will create a sense of it. Therefore environmental protection and beach cleaning as well as a sustainable. open mind are important to me and try to transmit.

I started kitesurfing in 2012 and it has followed me very very close along the way. I reached a Kitesurfing Teaching Certificate in 2015 and have tought for the season of 2015.

I am very happy to call myself an ambassador for  Liquid Force Kiteboarding, which create fantastic and secure kites, all around safe and  high quality boards and bars. 

If there are any questions about their materials – I am very happy to answer any questions!