How the Corona Virus makes things hard as a starting Freelance Illustrator.

How Covid 19 just makes things hard as a starting Illustrator.

This blog entry is a short description of how the virus‘ (Covid-19/Coronavirus) going around sometimes makes life difficult and forces you to make changes and think differently.

For about a few month the Corona Virus has been a plague for society, for major events and the complete publishing industry here in Germany.

On the one hand it is very important to protect the environment and people and to limit the virus by canceling big events and every individual will avoid large crowds. 

Companies try to protect their employees and those who are not infected by offering or even strongly recommend  working remotely from their home office.

Compared to many other Fairs here in Germany the Book Fair in Leipzig has officially been cancelled on March 3rd 2020. The Fair has been an important event for many large Publishing Companies and creative Freelancers in order to make active acquisition and hold on to new connections.

Many Freelance designers now see theirselves forced to make hold and find other solutions. The omission of the event forces all small entrepreneurs to create business connections through other ways in order to create and  uphold a network.

As a freelance Illustrator, which is at a point of starting out – I see myself reaching for a network of creatives and clients in this niche of creatives. The cancellation of the Fair has not been a problem for me but then I wouldn’t have put so much trust and hope into it.

Hope to get going with active acquisition at this point would have not been a problem, but I do have put investments into marketing materials on the other hand. 

Sadly all those postcards will not be handed over to new people and other creatives. They will not go to publishing managers, distributors, agents, Illustrators and artists – not yet.

But slowly and surely we all need to find other creative ways to find connections among this industry.

I strongly believe that only together we can make it – when there is positive support for everyone around us and I hope that a virus will not hold us back in the long run.


Imagination Katharina Thiesen Illustration
@copyright of Katharina Thiesen Illustration & Design

Hello world – hello and welcome to every single one who got out of their way to read this Blogpost.

This is my first Post. How exciting.

First of all I wanted to introduce myself and explain why this Blog was established in the first place. 

My name is Katharina Thiesen and live in the north of Germany. I am a freelance Illustrator and working for clients for a year now. I also integrate Graphic Design and Webdesign at this stage of time – but my main interest and strength lies on the art of Illustration.

I love everything about Illustration. From the beginning of creating a concept and picking out harmonious color combinations to creating and defining and redefining again until it results in a unique and fitting solution.

I do have a certificate in Graphic Design but I wanted to achieve a academic degree in Illustration. Therefore I am still studying part time at IDI – The interactive Design Institute/ University of Hertfordshire. I will finish my degree in January 2021 and may continue with a masters degree in art history or Design. We will see. As I am a fan of lifelong learning I „waste“ my time a lot with online courses during semester breaks. My last one has been a udemy course about HTML and CSS/ UX Design, color theory and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

This blog came to life out of a personal interest. As I am starting out as an Illustrator and – in the future – will focus on only Illustration work, I see that the beginning of handling client work, communicating with tax consultants and regarding copyright while selling… starting out as a freelancer gives you the feeling of standing in front of a giant mountain and you are not able to see the peak.


@copyright of Katharina Thiesen Illustration & Design

During this semester peers and I are asked to start a blog and keep on posting every week. I have set up this blog – as you might have seen before – but Uni just gave me the last kick to upload – RIGHT NOW.

Therefore – here we go. 

For the the next weeks you will see different post – long and short, where I will write about different perks of the life of a starting freelance Illustrator and different topics we are brooding pondering about.

Well, then… see you next time – thank you for coming around!