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@copyright of Katharina Thiesen Illustration & Design

Hello world – hello and welcome to every single one who got out of their way to read this Blogpost.

This is my first Post. How exciting.

First of all I wanted to introduce myself and explain why this Blog was established in the first place. 

My name is Katharina Thiesen and live in the north of Germany. I am a freelance Illustrator and working for clients for a year now. I also integrate Graphic Design and Webdesign at this stage of time – but my main interest and strength lies on the art of Illustration.

I love everything about Illustration. From the beginning of creating a concept and picking out harmonious color combinations to creating and defining and redefining again until it results in a unique and fitting solution.

I do have a certificate in Graphic Design but I wanted to achieve a academic degree in Illustration. Therefore I am still studying part time at IDI – The interactive Design Institute/ University of Hertfordshire. I will finish my degree in January 2021 and may continue with a masters degree in art history or Design. We will see. As I am a fan of lifelong learning I „waste“ my time a lot with online courses during semester breaks. My last one has been a udemy course about HTML and CSS/ UX Design, color theory and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

This blog came to life out of a personal interest. As I am starting out as an Illustrator and – in the future – will focus on only Illustration work, I see that the beginning of handling client work, communicating with tax consultants and regarding copyright while selling… starting out as a freelancer gives you the feeling of standing in front of a giant mountain and you are not able to see the peak.


@copyright of Katharina Thiesen Illustration & Design

During this semester peers and I are asked to start a blog and keep on posting every week. I have set up this blog – as you might have seen before – but Uni just gave me the last kick to upload – RIGHT NOW.

Therefore – here we go. 

For the the next weeks you will see different post – long and short, where I will write about different perks of the life of a starting freelance Illustrator and different topics we are brooding pondering about.

Well, then… see you next time – thank you for coming around!